Do you have an Android, iPhone or Win Phone7 smart phone?

Try using one of our ECM2 smart phone apps for your alert messages! These apps have been rated by users... 4.7 stars! Quick, efficient and fully functional, these apps are great! Check out the features:

  1. Registered users can download smart phone apps for free from the app stores
  2. Respond immediately to an incident alert call with one push button responding
  3. Ability to view an Incident message including: Location, Cross Streets, Incident #, Nature of Call, Caller, Comments
  4. Ability to "Save" or "Delete" Incident Messages
  5. Change your alerts sounds for "Incident" and "Distribution" list messages
  6. Create a Distribution List and send messages to your list
  7. Reply to a Distribution List Message
  8. Reply to a Distribution List Message "Sender" only
  9. Mapped Emergency Notes
10. Off-Duty control for devices/personnel
11. Register with multiple stations
12. Ability to set-up multiple ring tones by station/message type
13. Ability to set-up multiple ring tones volumes by message type
14. One click "Mapping" and "Turn-by-Turn" naviagtion to location of incident in seconds
15. Push of Calendar Events and Emergency Notices from Station Manager and Mobile Map
16. Ability for Chief to be notified when someone goes on/off duty and view availability on their phone*
17. Ability for Chief to view who’s responding to a call*
18. Display Fire Hydrants with editing features**
19. Display route to the incident from your location**
20. Hands free turn-by turn routing to the incident from your location**

* With subscription to Station Manager
** With subscription to Mobile Map

You can download the smart phone apps from:

Android Phone... Click HERE
iPhone... Click HERE
Win Phone7... Click HERE

View our Smart Phone App Screen

"Home" Status screen

Incident Message List

Incident Message

Distribution List

Distribution List Message

Hydrant View
Availability Screen

  Who's Responding?
  Map an Incident?

Location Site Mapping

Turn-by-Turn Directions to
the Incident Location from
YOUR Location

Users can Browse
Calendar Events

Who's Responding
(Chief's Only)


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